Awareness Program


The main objective of the program was to bring the child labors into mainstream of the nation by providing them education so that they could get nutrition, health care and right to protection along with education and they are not forced to do labor.

With this objective, the organization with the help of Udaipur Child Labour Project has started two special Child Labour Rehabilitation Centers for 50 child labors in each centers in the Morila Gram Panchayat and Kaliyawat Sagla Fala (Samarjhap) of Salumber. In these centers, the children belonging to age group 9 to 14 years engaged in mining, labor and domestic works were brought to these centers for their development. These children were provided nutritional food and Rs. 100/- every month as scholarship. They were provided health diagnosis and treatment four times a year.

The Project Director, Supervisor of Udaipur Child Labor Project organization, Tehsildar, Development officer of Salumber, Patwari and Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat regularly visited the centers and surveyed the working development towards these children. These children were provided business training for making tople, boyla, jhadu, paper packets, leaf bowls, stitching etc. To develop skill and talent, the trainers were provided special training for making the project more successful. The organization got felicitation letter on the occasion of Republic Day for its outstanding work for education spreading and labour rehabilitation during the year 2002-03 in Salumber.


The workers of the organization successfully worked for the rehabilitation of child labors of age group 9-14 years who were working under dangerous conditions. The members of the organization point out these children and brought them to the Child Labor Rehabilitation Centers for their proper growth and development in the Aspur Panchayat Samiti of Dungarpur District and Pipalkhoont Panchayat Samiti of Banswada district.


The TBAs plays an important role during child birth in villages. In order to reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality rate, the TBAs should be properly trained. The organization provided 7 days training to 30 TBAs from 12dec2006 to19 dec 2006 in different villages. The issues discussed in the training were to provide attention towards hygiene of new born child as well as mother to avoid infection; precautions to be taken during child birth and conducting complicated child birth only in health centers. The TBAs were provided knowledge and information regarding pregnancy and child birth by experienced doctors and nurses.


There is a lack of knowledge regarding various small diseases, their cure and facilities during child birth and pregnancy. Due to this small diseases grow into dangerous diseases. Insufficient and wrong measures taken during pregnancy and child birth leads to death at an early age. Young girls during their developing ages gain certain physical changes which they are not aware about. They do not talk about their physical problems and go to doctors, instead ask for solutions from their friends which are wrong decisions and thus becomes harmful for their life. Untrained TBAs conducts during child birth which is dangerous for both the mother and her child. In order to solve their problems and provide them knowledge regarding health facilities and contact with health workers, a visit tour for the animator, adolescent girls and group members were conducted in the community health center, Salumber and primary health center Intali Kheda, Jhallara, Bassi Samchot, Jaitana, Dharod, Bamniya, Morila, Maalpur and Daal. This exposure trip made women aware of the right steps and measures to be taken during child birth and also aware of the related facilities for the protection of both mother and child.


The Akshaya Tritiya (Aakhatij) of Vaishakh Maas is considered as the most pious day for marriage in Mewar Region. Selection of any type of time duration is not at all required on this day. On  this day, marriages are held at large among all castes. Adult marriage along with child marriage also occurs on this day. As a result, marriage at an early age makes the child deprived of studies and one has to suffer the responsibility of motherhood at an early age. With this, physical and mental development is obstructed and their health suffer from various dangerous diseases. This is the reason why girls and boys suffer problems during their lifetime.

In order to protect children from this social evil, child marriage prevention campaign was launched in 9th May, 2005 in which animator, women and adolescent girls participated from 50 Villages of Salumber Tehsil. They organized rally from community health center Salumber in which all the workers, villagers, animators, rural doctors, women and young girls gave slogans and distributed pamphlets. The closing ceremony was organized at primary and community health centers in which the adolescent girls fully protested against child marriage and took oath for not marrying before 18 years of age. The village leaders gave consent for the prevention of child marriage.


The Rajasthan Health System Development 5 year Project in cooperation with the World Bank is being started in 32 districts of Rajasthan to strengthen the health services. In order to bring awareness regarding this project, under the Local Media Plan Program, essay competition, poster competition and public health awareness rallies were organized from 27 December 2005 to 03 January 2006 in the villages Devgav, kholdi, Jhallara, Aalpur, Jaitana and karakala etc. of Salumber Panchayat Samiti. In this program, 406 people took participation in various activities and they were provided knowledge on various matters like referral procedure, outdoor tokens, hoardings and signboard, health fair, health care, waste management, waste deposition, furniture making, participation of self help organizations, motherhood protection plans, Chief Minister Life Security Fund Project, medical relief plan, citizens right card and facilities available at community health center, Salumber.


Vishal Sanjivani Health Campaign was launched in Salumber Panchayat Samiti from 26 to 28 December 2005 in which trained animator were given duty for bringing more and more people into their stream and provide them with proper knowledge regarding their working. The animators well established their responsibility as given to them. The organization launched a stall which provided knowledge regarding health facilities, distributed posters and pamphlets of HIV/AIDS and also distributed condoms. Under the National Rural Health Mission, free treatment were provided in which X-ray, ECG, T.B. treatment, Eye operation, stone operation, hernia operation were conducted and 150 patients were rehabilitated. The organization was provided honor of felicitation for its contribution in the campaign.


Cultural programmes were organised by 433 students in 2007-08 Kalyanpura, Ghated, Isharwas, Ghati, Mahadevfala, and Salumber on children’s day. It was observed that involvement in cultural activities can go a long way to liberate women from their traditional roles. Active participation of the girls in the cultural programme organised every year - has improved their confidence and created an opportunity for them for wider exposure. This has helped them to become conscious of their capabilities and to fight against all forms of social injustice and gender discrimination.    


Adarsh Shiksha Samiti organized a JAL MELA ABHIYAN on 27.03.08 in Nayagaon in Gadi. In this program an exhibition was arranged with the help of the State Government for Education department, Agriculture, Women and child development etc.

In this program several department officers participated like - Treatment and Health Minister of State Government Mr. Bhawani Joshi, Sub block Officer Mr. Panawat, Block Development Officer Mr. Fatehsing Dagar, Tahsildar Mr. Amritlal Damor,Program Officer of National Rural Employment project Mr. Surendra Kumar Jat, Secretary & Regular Educational Officer Mr. Prabhakar Acharya, Chief Officer of Treatment and Health Mr. R. N. Bairwa, Mr. Hemendra Patel, Mr. Narayan sain Head of Adarsh Shiksha Samiti and Chief Medical Officer of organization Mr. Rajaram Bhadu.

A slogan of JAL CHETNA was written in the Panchayat of villages according to the order of District collector, to give the information about JAL MELA and water conservation. In this program the representative of organization Mr. Narayan Sain, Hemendra Patel, Block coordinator Mr.Ramniwas Gupta, Mr. Hariprasad Meena and 28 self help workers of organization gave their help. Information was also provided about water availability, necessity, new technique for water conservation and restore of underground water, uses of water, cleanliness and take care of water, proper uses of water and agriculture technique.


Meetings were conducted on 31st of every month for the capacity building of the volunteers so that they could work more efficiently in their working areas. During the meetings, work report of the last 30 days were provided and plans for next working were prepared and their respective responsibilities were decided. The workings were supervised timely and the officials made aware of their working processes. In addition, for encouragement, knowledge and capacity building of the officials, they were sent to various other programs, meetings and trainings organized by other organizations. Their description has been provided in the given list.