Income Generation Program Under SJSRY

The property tax is one of the most important sources of revenue for urban municipal corporations. In these directions the organizations have carried out a data base survey in regarding to measurement and analysis of housing, infrastructure, government and private offices in Udaipur. This task was performed under the support of Udaipur Municipal Corporation.

Bank Credit Linkages

The accounting system is clear in all our organized groups. Even in the part of the groups ready to give transparency and build up mutual faith. Due to strong mutual trust the members have no fear for their savings as well as security against lending by others. The opinion of member against the security of loaning in the groups found positive it show the high level of mutual trust and honesty of an individual. Due to inter lending  groups activity the members of the SHG became free from the exploitation of money lenders and got back ownership on their assets of against loan.
SHPI Programme

Adarsh undertook the Self-Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) supported by the NABARD due to the urge to help the underprivileged people of society.
ICICI – SHPI Programme

The Organization has also worked in collaboration with ICICI bank under SHPI initiative and microfinance such program aimed to help the women SHGs rise out of poverty by providing access to credit for low income groups that have traditionally been excluded
Work With Gramin Vikas Trust

We are also working with GVT Banswara. Under this program we are organizing poor women into productive self help groups for better livelihood opportunities we have organized trainings to all formed SHGs on their roles and responsibilities.

Self Help Group Program

In the direction of women empowerment, the women Self Half Groups Organization & strengthened them through capacity building programs activates were started during inception of project with a strength of 262 rural poor women organized into 24 SHGs.
Exposure Visit

Two exposure visits have been also organized on some issues such as scientific goat rearing & best practices adopted in MNEREGA to develop the skill of SHG leaders, local PRIs & beneficiaries.