Livelihood-Agriculture & Live Stock Development

Impact On Community Development

We have not only improved the livelihood of deprived and marginalized but also playing a lead role in development of community. In Previously the local PRI members were not aware about their rights and at the same time because of lack of proper planning. they do not have any pre decided agenda to be discussed during meeting. This poorly affects the functioning and effectiveness of the Panchayat. Due to existence of our organized active self Help groups.

Goat Rearing Based Sustainable Livelihood Enhancement Program

Salumber Block is spread over in about 246 rural villages with covered approx 2.50 lacks population. In Udaipur districts. The Five tribal villages from Three Gram Panchayat are taken for this program. The economy of these villages is primarily agriculture and livestock based and characterized by some of the lowest levels of per capita income and human development in the block. Productivity of goats are poor due to small flocks, none descript population, lack of feed resources, problems of diseases and lack of scientific knowledge of goat farming.

Formation of Goat Rearing Groups

We have promoted community-based cooperative and work through goat rearers association as a platform to undertake goat rearing management, production and marketing practices in a more organized manner to reduce risk and increase income. We have created awareness and education on cooperative, advantage of goat rearing and help the community to build them so as to enable them to organize easy, flexible and cost-effective financial services, leverage technical resources, gain input supply, undertake production planning and carry out marketing services in goat rearing

Goat Development Program

We have purchased the improved breed of goat (Sirohi) from the Bhilwara & made the purchasing process in accordance with veterinary doctor considering the breed pedigree weight, height, strength estimation etc. The cost benefit analysis has been also taken into account before buying & distributed them.

Field Rrial Demonstration And Seed Bank Establishment

In the project villages the small & marginal farmers are often at disadvantageous position in absorbing the agriculture technology related to genetic enhancement of potential agricultural crops.